Message Received (First Lent)

At once, this same Spirit pushed Jesus out into the wild. For forty wilderness days and nights Jesus was tested by Satan. Wild animals were his companions, and the angels took care of him. After John was arrested, Jesus went to Galilee preaching the message of God: “Time’s up! God’s kingdom is here.
Change your life and believe the message.” (Mark 1: 12 – 15)

A new parent quickly learns that when all else fails to soothe a baby, simply cradle the child in your arms. Ah, peace reigns. That technique works on grown-ups as well.

Lily’s life was spiralling out of control. Her family tried reasoning, cajoling, guilting, but nothing seemed to work. She was in the throes of addiction and had lost her way. She was living a life that was making her miserable and breaking her family’s heart.

Finally, her siblings asked to meet at a local restaurant. As they nibbled on BLTSs and chips, they shared a simple message with their sister. We love you. We want you to know that. Later in the conversation as the warmth of her siblings’ embrace set in, Lily seemed open to hearing a next step. “You can move out of your situation whenever you are ready,” her siblings told her, “and come and live with us.”

That suggestion was received in silence. A bit more soul-searching was to come. But one day a month later, the bell rang at the siblings’ apartment, and in walked Lily, suitcase in hand.

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