Is this a vocation? Sometimes it really doesn’t seem like it.

Some days, from the time the students arrive until they leave, there is nothing that seems vocation-like in our work. Ordination, religious life, marriage – clearly those are calls from God. But this? The class is restless – maybe it’s another hot day, or the day before the weekend, or it’s just Tuesday! Your patience is tested as one student announces he didn’t do his homework; it is tested further when another student asks to use the bathroom, and that request becomes an epidemic. You try group work, which usually engages them. Not today! The groups grumble, and you explain their task six different ways, but they can’t grasp it. A fire drill and an unexpected visit from the principal – and it’s not even noon!

Vocation is from the Latin vocatio, which means “a call summons”.  A vocation is God’s call to serve: in your case, the call to serve as a teacher. What happens on any given day – the humdrum, the frustrating, the amazing – you are living your vocation; you are responding to God’s call.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) once reminded people that we are not called to be successful but to be faithful. Your presence and love for the students, your ability to weather the rough days – that is faithfulness. Every day there are lessons to be learned, important ones, about faith in the routine of life.

To Do:  Jesus whispers again each day, “Come follow me!” Today, reflect on being faithful, and say yes to God again.

To Pray:  Generous God, you love me and you have called me to teach your children. Help me to say yes every day! Amen.

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