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GPBS Online Resources

The GPBS Mission & Ministry Team produces a wide variety of contemporary online resources for Catholic schools designed to assist in daily prayer, liturgy planning, weekly assemblies, staff meetings, student leadership training, staff professional development, and the ongoing formation of those empowered to teach religious education. The hope in producing these resources is to engage, challenge and inspire students and staff to be active agents of change in their world. We aim in all we produce to relate faith to life and life to faith … always looking for new and exciting ways to proclaim the Good News.


Bless This Day (Secondary Daily Prayer) (Wednesday 6 May 2020)
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Bless This Day (Primary Daily Prayer) (Thursday 7 May 2020)
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Bless This Day (Primary Daily Prayer) (Monday 23 March 2020)
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Daily Prayers (Monday 28 January – Friday 1 February 2019)
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