Upcoming Pilgrimages & Tours

Whether you’re planning a trip down the road or around the world, GPBS & Minna Travel are your travel partners. We can organise tailored excursions, international trips, pilgrimages, educational tours, national and overseas mission experiences and field trips. Contact us today!

Los Angeles 2024 Religious Education Congress: Professional Learning Tour

Monday 12 February – Wednesday 21 February 2024

At RECongress, you will be surrounded by a vibrant community, united in a shared mission. Immerse
yourself in workshops led by renowned speakers, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and encounter the beauty of liturgical celebrations that will uplift your soul!

RECongress is where faith comes alive, where hearts are ignited, and where lifelong memories are created. Mark your calendar, reserve your place, invite colleagues, and get ready for a life-changing
experience at the 2024 Los Angeles Religious Education Professional Learning Tour

In the Footsteps of James: The 2024 Pilgrimage the journey in-between

Tuesday 3 September – Wednesday 25 September 2024

Pilgrimage is an experience common to all religions and cultures. In it, what is proper to human nature finds expression. The world does not constrain the human person, but rather like a waymark, opens it to transcendence, to God. Humankind has always known that the world is not its final destination, that here we are always travellers …

“Leave your country, your people, and the home of your parents, and go to a place which I will show you”.
– Genesis 12: 1

Beacon of Light: The 2023 pilgrimage follows in the footsteps of Blessed Carlo Acutis

Monday 9 October – Saturday 21 October 2023

This unique experience will take pilgrims on a delightful journey through Italy visiting a number of places associated with the life of Blessed Carlo. Along the way, we will visit small villages, quaint towns and renowned cities each with their own history, story and character. As we travel together, there will be opportunities to pause, reflect, pray (even sing!) as we take in all the splendour and wonder Italy has to offer. This is no ordinary “tour”, it’s a journey into the beauty of Italy and the enchanting story of Blessed Carlo Acutis, who Pope Francis proclaimed, “A cyber apostle and a digital disciple”.