How can I keep my students safe?

Teachers have an awesome responsibility for student safety. There are the simple safety rules you remind them of: don’t run; obey playground regulations; wear proper equipment for outdoor activities and sports. There are the more serious fire drills and disaster drills and now, sadly, violence precautions. A good teacher is always aware of the physical well-being of the students and on guard for anything or anyone who might threaten that well-being.

After wild storms, cyclones or shootings, we hear stories and read of courageous teachers who sacrificed their own safety to shield students from danger. Perhaps one day you may be called to such heroism.

But you are called to the heroism of everyday safety: providing a safe environment wherever students are in your care. I read that what our world needs are people who raise the safety level of everyone they are with. That’s what a good teacher does. Every student is safe with you; students can trust you have their backs. They can be confident they will not be mocked, teased, or bullied in your presence.

To Do:  Give thanks for the people who have kept you safe. Reflect on ways you might enhance your students’ safety.

To Pray:  Jesus, you constantly told us to “be not afraid”. May my presence always create a safe haven for others. Amen.

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