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Respond with Enthusiasm

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Paul is remarkably gifted in the area of liturgy. Young people respond with enthusiasm to his approach to liturgical worship.

Capture the Sacred

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Paul is well attuned to our young people’s needs, beliefs and direction in our rapidly changing secular society. Through innovative approaches, Paul is able to capture the sacred in the lives of the young, and make their faith come alive for them.

Enhance various ministries within their communities

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It is encouraging to see the way Paul is able to facilitate opportunities for parishes to develop programs that enhance the various ministries within their communities. Parishes have been encouraged to gain a more profound understanding of the essence of the gospel.


Thought-provoking and Challenging

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I have been fortunate to observe Paul as he guided student leadership and staff professional development inservices. These programmes were inspiring, thought-provoking and challenging. A focus on team work, personal development, goal setting and Christ-centred ministry gave a long lasting impact in all who gathered.

Enliven Young People

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To belong to and celebrate liturgy that is spiritually enriching, is to enliven young people who are the future of the Church. When Paul brings the liturgy to joyous life it surprises us with a deep and yearning sacredness. The response of young people reflects the way in which the Spirit calls us ‘to be human – to be fully alive’. Paul is truly gifted in his connecting of young people to their God through the Sacred.

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