Scribbles (Secondary) (2023)

We live in a wonderful world that presents us with many choices. There are so many things we can enjoy and do. We have to make definite choices: we choose what we eat and what we wear; we choose what we watch on television, what games we play and who our friends are. In all our choices we make sure that our bodies and our minds are looked after. It would be sad if our body starved or our mind remained empty.

Four our spirit to grow fully, we need a relationship with God. The choice is ours: we can choose to live in a world without knowing God or we can learn of God’s love and God’s power. The more we become aware of God and God’s love, the more we are able to venture and be fully alive. It is like coming out of the darkness and walking in the light.

Once you know you have this light, you will be able to pass it on to friends – not so much by your words but by the fullness of life that they see you living. You will become a torch bearer for God.