Prayers Before the Bell (Weekly Daily Prayers) (2023)

Prayer isn’t a big deal. It was never meant to be. It’s not something that is supposed to involve lots of screaming and crying and kneeling and all that kind of stuff. And neither is it just about the big stuff like famine and war and disease. Prayer is nothing more and nothing less than a chat with the Creator. A Creator who makes it quite clear that God’s very interested in everything about you. And that means everything. From sports to work, sleeping in, exams, even watching television.

Prayer is our way of sharing everything that we are, everything that we do, everything that we think, everything that we believe – right or wrong, with our God.

That’s what these prayers are about. Just a few ideas of what you can pray to God about. Maybe they’ll help. Maybe they’ll make you laugh. Maybe they’ll spark off new prayers in you. But whatever they get used for – the main thing to remember is that prayer is about connection – with God and with each other.

Sit, kick back, relax, and just chat – it’s that simple.