The Sunday Gospel for Primary Schools (2021 & 2020)

In our family, my mother and father had a photograph album for each child. On rainy days, my sisters and I would go slowly through each page of our book. Some events of our early years we couldn’t remember, but our parents often told us the story surrounding each photo. We never tired of hearing the same story over and over again. The photographs offered not only a reminder of past events but also provided an experience in the present for listening to the word of another. We treasured those stories and still remember them today through our photograph albums.

There are other stories that we treasured, stories of what God had done for us and continues to do, stories of what Jesus said and did, stories of what we are called to be and do through the Spirit as God’s people.

The Sunday Gospel for Primary Schools is a weekly resource for tapping into the stories of Jesus. Each PowerPoint has all the essential components for making the weekly Sunday Gospel come to life for primary students.

The most important thing about The Sunday Gospel for Primary Schools is that it will help your students gain a greater understanding of scripture, relate gospel living to their own lives and get to know Jesus better. What are you waiting for?