The Sunday Gospel for Primary Schools (2022)

A visual focus for the liturgy is important. We listen to the Word, God is present and speaking to each of us. Children learn far more from watching the way things are done and the example of others around them than any words can ever teach.

To help unpack the weekly Gospel text, each weekly presentation takes the young people on a journey through Scripture reflecting on the life, teaching and ministry of Jesus. Never be afraid to make use of one of the great wonders of childhood – imagination! This makes it important to respect the interaction between the ordinary, everyday life of the child and the Scriptures.

Liturgy is action and symbol; it speaks to the whole person and involves all the senses: sight, touch, sound, taste and smell. Young people’s awareness of their individual spirituality can be developed and deepened through prayer and relaxation, guided visualization, music and prayerful silence.

The Sunday Gospel for Primary Schools is a weekly resource for tapping into the stories of Jesus. Each PowerPoint has all the essential components for making the weekly Sunday Gospel come to life for primary students.

The most important thing about The Sunday Gospel for Primary Schools is that it will help your students gain a deeper understanding of the scripture, relate gospel living to their own lives and get to know Jesus better. What are you waiting for?