Connecting the Dots (Primary) (2022)

I walked into St Joseph’s Catholic school right at the beginning of the day. The principal was reading a prayer over the intercom. “O Glorious Saint Joseph, chosen by God, to be the foster-father of Jesus, the chaste spouse of Mary ever Virgin, and head of the Holy Family, be the heavenly patron of our school and defender of the Church founded by Jesus …” I moved over to the corner of the foyer and bowed by head, drawing up my hands in a gesture of prayer, praying along with the words of the principal. Before the prayer’s end, however, I was asking myself what the kids were gaining from this ancient prayer, its words so rich in the history of our Church and in the history of the prayer itself.

Connecting the Dots is a weekly resource for school assemblies that endeavours to connect Scripture with the lives of young people. If offers a connecting point with where young people are in relation to faith and life and leads them to developing a deeper relationship with Jesus and each other.