Seasonal Resources

The landscape of prayer is a rich and varied terrain, ranging from the heartfelt “oh, God!” in a moment of shock to the more elaborate liturgical ceremonies in which we engage with our diverse faith communities. Different events in schools lead us to different stances and attitudes of prayer. Whether in celebrations of the whole school liturgies, candlelit vigils on retreats, or classroom prayer, our needs, our joys, the varied mysteries of our lives are served by speech, sound, and gesture that can be spontaneous or formal. And, of course, the impact of seasons and times, festivals and calendars makes itself known in how we use language, arrange our spaces, and lift up our hearts to the One Who Knows Us Best.


The Spirituality of Work (Losing One’s Job as a Spiritual Experience) (Session Three)
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The Second Sunday of Lent (8 March 2020) (Light in Darkness)
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The First Sunday of Lent (1 March 2020) (Into the Desert)
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