Living Lent with Pope Francis (Daily Lenten Reflections for School Staff)

Why are these resources important?

To help us in our Lenten practice, the Church offers three things to guide us on our way: praying, fasting, and almsgiving (giving money or service to those in need). The extra time we spend praying during Lent leads us closer to God. We focus our prayer on the places in our lives and in our world that need improvement.
Our fasting isn’t about denying ourselves as a sort of punishment, and it isn’t even just about food. We fast from food, television, video games, computers, social media, and so on, so we can literally hunger for God. Our fasting puts us in touch with those whose hunger is never filled because they live in poverty. Finally, our praying and fasting leads us to action. Almsgiving is sharing time, talent, and treasure with those in need. As you work through these daily reflections think of Lent as training for Christian living.