Prayers Before the Bell (Weekly Daily Prayers) (2022)

Jesus often set aside time to spend in the company of God through prayer. There are many different ways to pray, and words are not always necessary. Sometimes we can simply sit quietly and use our imagination or thoughts to pray; we might find that singing or listening to a beautiful piece of music is a very powerful way to pray. Whatever method we choose to use, to sit still and fell that God is very close and listening to us fills us with joy and a very special sense of peace.

Schools can use these daily prayers to begin their day, and teachers can use them to begin a class. Not only do these prayers have a different focus for each day of the school year, it is an educational tool, teaching young people about the lives of the saints, the liturgical seasons, feast days, and memorial days. In addition, these daily prayers begin with a snapshot into events in history to align our day through past and recent world events.