Bless This Day (Primary Daily Prayer) (2022)

Jesus always made children feel welcome, and never turned them away. He recognised the importance and value of their childhood qualities of honesty, trust, unconditional love and forgiveness, and their straightforward and uncomplicated ways of looking at life and seeing things. Jesus encourages us to keep these childhood qualities as we get older, so that as we grow in age and size, we may also grow closer to God and God’s kingdom of love.

Bless This Day offers teachers a ready-made, brief daily ritual that has been carefully planned and considered, with a firm foundation in Scripture. That Scripture is then unpacked to relate it to children’s lives. The whole idea is that these daily reflections can be downloaded and used with little or even no preparation and used each morning with your class as a complete daily collection worship session. Intended primarily for use as a daily prayer in the classroom, they can also be used as a basis for a short, prayerful assembly.